AERO Friedrichshafen 2018

This year BestshotsAircraft “The Easy Way to Fly High” has visited for you the Aero Friedrichshafen, the annual General Aviation exhibition which takes place on Lake Constance in the airport of Friedrichshafen (Germany).

“The Global Show for General Aviation” so states the subtitle of the German annual fair and General Aviation is present with the most important companies with their best products and with all the solutions to fly in the best way.

The flight, which has always been the dream of humanity, nowadays has the need to experiment with new technologies and open new horizons. In the pavilions of the “Messe Friedrichshafen” you can find aeronautical and technological innovations that range from navigation systems, new drones and electric powered aircraft. The many electric aircraft dominate the scene of the fair, among them also the Magnus Aircraft eFusion LSA with motorization Siemens eAircraft that has the possibility also to couple a diesel engine to recharge the batteries.

Among the 630 exhibitors of 38 different countries in the Pavilions, many Gyrocopters and ultralight aircraft have also found their place, many innovations also in flight simulations and a good static display outside the pavilions.
Here in the Piazzals between the Pavilions of the Fair and the Hangar of Zeppelin NT under a pleasant spring Sun different aircraft showed off of them ranging from the wonderful Pilatus PC24, to the Cirrus Vision Jet, from the VulcanAir  P68 TC Observer to the Legacy 450. Outside the building you can find a representation of Deutsche Luftwaffe and Bundesheer with helicopters, land vehicles and staff prepared and ready to answer all questions from visitors.
Among the various overflights of the Zeppelin NT the fair hosts and gives the dream of flying to all the visitors.

From Friedrichshafen (Germany): Daniele Maiolo

Next meeting Eurasia Airshow Antalya (TK)  25-29.04.2018


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