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Eurasia Airshow 2022 Postponed to November 2022


With a sorry announcement, the Eurasia Airshow organization announced on 23 March that their event will be postponed to November 2022. This is due to the difficult world political crisis that is underway in a violent war in European territory.

The Ukraine-Russia crisis, which erupted on February 24, 2022 in an invasion by the Russians on Ukrainian territory, is undermining the political balance and putting at serious risk the unfolding of our normal lives, already misled by the two years of Covid.

We find the decision taken by the Turkish organization of the event excellent and very intelligent.

Hoping to see this horrible situation end soon, wishing us the cessation of violence and this useless war, there is no useful or necessary war!

from Antalya (TK): Daniele Maiolo

The announcement of the postponed event.


Eurasia Airshow 2022
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