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BSA – About

Best Shot Aircraft is your connection to the aeronautical world. We constantly follow many aviation events around the world and we keep you updated through our portal and via social networks.
The core team consists of aviation enthusiasts and we are supported by equally passionate and interested collaborators in aviation.

Best Shot Aircraft – “The Easy Way to Fly High” – Team

Enrico Sica


Enrico on the social:


Daniele Maiolo

mobile: +41796857834

Daniele Maiolo Photografy

European New Agency reporter:
Daniele Maiolo ENA

Daniele on the social:


  • Stefano Tempestini – GNS Press Member
  • Mara Angelosante – GNS Press Member
  • Gianni Galetto – Sky Win
  • Frank Braun – Franky Video
  • Ruggero Piccoli – Flight Video & Photo
  • Lidie Berendsen – Lidie Berendsen Photography

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BSA – About

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