RAF Cosford Airshow 2018 (UK)

For the Centenary of the Royal Air Force, “Best Shot Aircraft” has decided to participate in both RAF Cosford Airshow , Parade & Flypass on 10th July in London and at the Royal International Tattoo 2018.

RAF Cosford Airshow 2018, as already in the last edition, has given surprises and a wonderful airshow, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, the air base of Cosford has welcomed the more than 60 thousand spectators in the best way. Many the historical and modern aircraft of the Royal Air Force in the static display, with many foreign guests including the Polish and Irish air forces.

The opening of the air display took place with the launch of the famous RAF Falcons team, acrobatic paratrooper team of the Royal Air Force.

During the flight we saw many of the aircraft that in the last 100 years have composed the British Squadron, from the models of the 1st World War up to the various Tornado, Chinook and Typhoon, guest of honor in flight also the new RAF Transport the Airbus A400.

Among the most exciting moments for the British public, and by many foreign guests, the display of the “Battle of Britain – Memorial Flight” and the Red Arrows.

For guests in flight display, they could attend the Arme de l’Air – Rafale Display, the Mig29 Fulcrum of the Polish air forces, the F16 Solo Display and the Helicopter A109BA of the Belgian Air Force. Among them also an exciting display of the Boeing 757 of the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Also present the Red Bull, both with the helicopter MBB Bo 105, which with its loop has left many with his mouth open, that with the Bristol 171 Sycamore a light helicopter multirole radial engine and a three-bladed rotor, developed after the World War II from the British “Bristol Airplane Company”.

The public was able to attend a wonderful show and enjoyed the celebrations of the centenary of the Royal Air Force that from April 1 last are taking place in the various British Airshows.

In the various Hangar of the base, open to the public, the RAF has highlighted all its components, attracting a lot of interest from the public.

The history of the RAF, the evolution and the modern times with the presentation of the last arrived in RAF Marham the Lockheed F35 (even if not present at the event, but you can see it at RIAT 2018) were well exposed in the hangars. But even all professions and activities related to the Royal Air Force could be found in the static exhibition, much to the delight of the many children and young people present in the audience.

As an anticipation of the most famous Royal International Air Tattoo in July, RAF Cosford Airshow has given real emotions, emotions that have accompanied the return of the large public.

From RAF Cosford (UK): Daniele Maiolo


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