“Covid-19 and Airshows” – BSA Press Release

“Covid-19 and Airshows”

“Covid-19 and Airshows” we chose this title for our press release to highlight how much this disease is affecting the life of all humanity in all fields.

Update April 23th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

The situation with the Covid-19 emergency continues to be serious even if in many countries the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to be glimpsed. Some governments are already thinking of making changes to the restrictions, while others think they will extend the limitations to safeguard the descent of the infections.

Unfortunately, however, for fans in the last few days, there has been news about the cancellation of other important aeronautical events for this year.

NTM 2020 – NATO Tiger Meet 2020

Today’s news April 23th, 2020 is the decision by the NATO Tiger Association to cancel for 2020 the NATO Tiger Meet that was take place in the Beja air base in Portugal (Base Aérea Nº 11, BA11 Beja). The Tigermeet will always be held at BA11 Beja in 2021 maintaining the organization by the “31 Esquadra” of the Portuguese Air Force (PoAF).

But the list of cancellations of the last few days is still long, the RAF Cosford Airshow has been definitively postponed to 2021 and so also for the Sanicole International Airshow, the Spottersday at Kleine Brogel in Belgium, the US event Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In , while the Russian exhibition Heli Russia has been postponed, for now, in September 2020.

In the UK we have to say goodbye to the Duxford Flying Legends Air Show for this year, while the Battle of Britain Memorial Day has been canceled but will be held online (more info later on Battle of Britain Memorial internet site).
Finally, the Swiss Armee also canceled the Conex20 exercise for the commitment of their departments in the current emergency, the Conex20 would have seen a presentation event for the 27th June 2020 with the participation of the Patrouille Suisse and the Swiss Hornet Solo Display with his F/A-18 Hornet. The whole exercise and all related events are postponed until a later date.

Stay Tuned!! STAY HEALTHY!!!

Best Shot Aircraft Staff


NATO Tiger Meet
Battle of Britain Memorial Day
CONEX20 (only in German)

Update March 26th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

As we had already readily anticipated, the Royal Air Force (RAF) on March 25th, 2020 through a press release has suspended all the displays of its teams and bands until further news.
It’s not yet the announcement of cancellation of the entire season and the RAF will do its utmost with the event organizers in case of developments on the current situation.

On March 24, 2020, the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (HNDGS), of Greek Ministry of National Defense, also announced the cancellation of the medium-scale international air forces exercise: “INIOCHOS 2020”, which was scheduled for the period 11th to May 22nd, 2020. The exercise was also canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the preventive measures adopted by the Greek government in recent days.

To date, March 26th, 2020, the global panorama of aeronautical events is full of cancellations and is very scarce for aviation enthusiasts and all professionals, unfortunately. The global health emergency needs the support of all the resources that each nation has and the support of all of us, therefore as always we ask you to adopt all the health recommendations to avoid contagion and stop Covid-19.

Stay Tuned!! STAY HEALTHY!!!

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RAF Press Release 25.03.2020

Hellenic National Defense General Staff Press Release (Greek only)

Update March 24th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

Earlier this week kept us busy with updates on the situation because Covid-19. We have seen the announcement of RIAT2020 cancellation and perhaps also of the RAF Cosford Airshow which for the moment is postponed to a date to be defined, Royal Navy International Air Day 2020 in RNAS Yeovilton (UK) was subsequently also canceled as well as Farnborough International Airshow 2020. By now the 2020 calendar of airshows and aeronautical exhibitions has reached the point of being able to see something perhaps in the last months of the year with the hope of the conclusion of this tragic health emergency.

British aerobatic team RAF Red Arrows officially declared the cancellation of training abroad, which had brought them to Greece for the Exercise Springhawk and Cyprus last year.
Regarding the cancellation of the entire season, it’s not yet clear and there are no confirmations but there is only a statement by a RAF spokesman to the media “Express” on 22.03.2020. The Reds could thus conclude the entire season of displays and flyovers in advance to devote forces and resources to help the British population, the decision will probably come in early April.

In these days the Frisian Flag was also to be held, the international NATO exercise that takes place from the base of Leeuwarden (Netherlands) and was scheduled from March 23th to April 3th, 2020 and was canceled as well as the planned Defender Europe, the gigantic exercise of various Army and Air Forces in the territories of the old continent. The various World Nations are focusing their efforts on resolving the Covid-19 crisis trying to maintain the normal protection of the security of their territories and their citizens. We want to renew, from our little one, the advice to stay at home and follow the safety information to avoid the spread of the infection.

Stay Tuned!! STAY HEALTHY!!!

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RAF Red Arrows news

Royal International Air Tattoo press release

Royal Navy International Air Day 2020

Farnborough International Airshow 2020


Update March 19th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

Even in these hours we receive updates on the events scheduled for the coming months. And in fact last night the decision to move NATO Tigermeet 2020 (NTM2020) to July, in the hope that the current health crisis due to Covid-19 has greatly improved or ended. The exercise will take place from 05th to 17th July 2020 with the airshow on 12th July and two spotterdays on 9th and 15th July. For any changes there will be future updates. Following the cancellation of the Duxford Air Festival, an appointment postponed to 2021, the calendar of European and North American events is slowly filled with cancellations and postponed events until June. The continuation of this health emergency and the increase in infections extends the time to regain the normal course of events, we wait with the hope of being able to start a normal life again.

Stay tuned!

Best Shot Aircraft Staff


NATO TigerMeet 2020 NTM2020


Update March 16th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

The current situation still sees cancellations of events until the end of May 2020, even today many other European and non-European Nations have decided to safeguard the population from imposing further limitations and restrictions. Today the announcement by the organization of the AERO 2020 in Friedrichshafen (D) to postpone the exhibition until next year. Other airshows organizers have announced the cancellation of their events. We will keep you updated on any date changes or cancellations of other events.

Stay tuned!

Best Shot Aircraft Staff


AERO 2020

March 15th 2020, BSA Headquarter:

Given the evolution of the situation caused by Covid-19, unfortunately many events are canceled or moved to other possible dates due to the regulations of the various world governments to avoid the spread of the disease. Restrictions and limitations have been adopted to protect the health of the world population, we understand what is being done to defend ourselves from this new disease.

Many airshows have already been canceled or postponed to other dates, EBACE in Geneva (CH) for example has been definitively canceled for this year with a press release on 15.03.2020. Eurasia Airshow, another expected trade exhibition that takes place in April in Antalya (Turkey), was temporarily moved to June 2020 pending the betterment of the situation.

2020 has not started in the best way, but we hope that with the excellent work of doctors, researchers and health institutes we can quickly resolve the situation and prevent Covid-19 from reaching further people and that the current infected people can return as soon as possible with their families.

We will keep you informed.

Best Shot Aircraft Staff


WHO – World Health Organization

EBACE 2020


Report Eurasia Airshow 2018 on BSA


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