AERO 2022 – “The Leading Show for General Aviation”

AERO 2022

The German exhibition AERO Friedrichshafen is back after three years.

After a long wait due to the Covid19 epidemic, Aero 2022 is also back, as well as many other events, even the most important European general aviation exhibition had to suffer a long stop due to the spread of the epidemic worldwide.

However, on 27th April it reopened its doors to the public with many new features and innovations in the world of general aviation. With the hashtag #weareGA, on the main social networks, the organization has widely publicized the return of the awaited event.
The visitors were not long in coming, 27 700 trade visitors from 75 nations (source: AERO 2022) from the first of the 4 days of the event enjoyed what was exhibited in the numerous stands inside the Friedrichshafen Pavilions and the aircraft on display outside of the pavilions.

Klaus Wellmann – Managing Director of Messe Friedrichshafen:

“The sun came out when the trade show gates opened for the international aviation industry after a long pandemic. Reunions radiated throughout AERO and the industry was once again shown the value of face-to-face networking, chance encounters, as well as many scheduled appointments and physical product experiences”

633 exhibitors from 34 world nations exhibited the best that could be seen for general aviation, from new aircraft to avionics, from the necessary for use and maintenance of aircraft to what is necessary for pilots, crews and aviation technicians.

On the way to Friedrichshafen

After a short trip on Lake Constance, which characterizes the arrival in Friedrichshafen for many of the visitors of the important exhibition, we reach the German town already famous for being the birthplace of the famous Zeppelin airship and still the home of the homonymous museum.
From the local airport the “Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen” (right next to the Exhibition), which also has several connections in Europe, you can also take off with the airship of Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei GmbH (DZR): the Zeppelin NT (NT: new Technology) which is the heir of the legendary Zeppelin since 1993.

The event was warmly welcomed, but there was also the anxiety of a long wait from both visitors and exhibitors who also had important returns, such as Textron Aviation.

Several presentations of new or concept aircraft and aircraft engines, among these the presentation of the concept of the Junkers Ju-52 NG (NG: New Generation) by Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG equipped with glass cockpit and IFR, new RED A03 12V Cylinders engines, powered by Jet A1, with a transport capacity of 14 people.

AERO 2022
Pratt & Whitney PT6E-66XT

Another important presentation concerns the new engine from Pratt & Whitney: the PT6E-66XT which offers an extended flight time between overhaul, greater power and numerous advanced features.

Business and General Aviation (BA-GA)

Among the various pavilions we admired, increasing compared to previous years, the new and technological available for general aviation (GA), but also for business aviation (BA) which again this year had its part in the exhibition in Friedrichshafen. Many companies engaged in both GA and BA among which the presence of HondaJet, Cirrus, Diamond Aircraft Industries, Tecnam, Pilatus and Air Alliance stand out, who also occupied part of the external static display of the exhibition. There are many electric aircraft or with alternative solutions such as hydrogen, to highlight how general aviation is also focusing more and more on renewable resources and even more on respecting the climate of our planet.

For business aviation, the organization of AERO 2022 also held a particular and interesting Business Aviation Conference with many guests which involved a large number of interested parties.

AERO 2022
Pilatus PC-24

Outside the exhibition halls, the static display consisted of a large number of aircraft on display, among which the Pilatus PC24 of Platoon Aviation GmbH & Co. and some business models of the Textron Aviation Inc. Group (Beechcraft and Cessna).

German Air Force

As in previous years, in the static display we were also able to admire two prestigious German air force aircraft, a Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 74/74th Tactical Air Force Wing “Bavarian Tiger” Eurofighter and a Panavia PA200 Tornado whose cockpit could be visited. The Bundeswehr, as the German armed forces are called, have also set up an interesting space within the exhibition that is particularly popular with the public.

Among the stands set up by the numerous exhibitors, as in past years, some stood out for their originality and the intention to best accommodate the public and also current and possible future customers.
As always, the stands of Bose, Garmin, Piper, Elixir Aircraft, Tecnam and HondaJet as well as the Textron group and Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG are welcoming and well-equipped.

Magnus Aircraft, like every year, has exhibited its aircraft revealing the technology and design that distinguishes them, and so too the Blackshape Aircraft with its BK160 – GABRIÉL an aircraft entirely in carbon fiber with record-breaking performance for its category.

Italian Aviation Industry
AERO 2022
Lamanna Helicopter Escape

The Italian aviation industry is always well represented in general aviation even outside of famous companies, this year we met Roberto Lamanna, director of Lamanna Helicopter who introduced us to the latest born in the house: the Escape.
The Escape is a light, powerful two-seater helicopter with a high range also guaranteed by the use of the Rotax 915 iS Turbo, the first helicopter in the world to use it.
Pleasant design and high technology, without electric cooling fans, refined mechanical refinements present it as a useful tool for individuals or, in particular, for flight schools. We will be following the future of this Italian excellence with pleasure.


Worthy of mention is the stand of JMB Aircraft s.r.o., a Belgian company with production in the Czech Republic, which for some time now spoils us with the coolest stand of the German exhibition, immersing people in the world of general aviation with its elegant aircraft and a refined and warm welcome. In Friedrichshafen, JMB presented, alongside the VL3 Evolution, its latest jewel as a world premiere: the VL3 Turbine, a new model equipped with a 130 PS turbine engine. With this new equipment, the VL3 gets a fourth engine option after the versions with Rotax engines already on the market.

Visitors of AERO 2022 some well-known personalities from the aeronautical world and social networks engaged in general aviation. We met Ralf and Nico Niebergall with their two Siai-Marchetti SF-260 aircraft, waiting to see them perform in the next airshows around Europe. Ralf and Nico, known for their display previously performed with an SF260 piloted by Ralf and a remote controlled SF260 model piloted by Nico on the ground, today both perform in the European skies at the controls of their two SF260s thrilling spectators with beautiful displays.

Socials Friends
AERO 2022
Pilot Frank

As for the social world, we met Pilot Frank, a famous influencer and pilot who is very active on social networks and other online platforms.
Pilot Frank from his stand, where he also received well-known local and national guests, presented the German fair to his followers with numerous live and posts on Instagram and YouTube.

In conclusion

It was the restart of general aviation after the long halt of the pandemic, it was finally a new full immersion in the civil aviation world. A full immersion in the new technologies that are and will be adopted in the aeronautical world, in particular to reduce the impact that aircraft have with the climate of our planet.
The many investments of the most important companies, the enormous engineering work behind what we saw exhibited in Friedrichshafen has impressed and guided the way forward for the future of general aviation.

Happy with the awaited return of this important exhibition, we will wait for the next edition from 19th to 22nd April 2023 in Friedrichshafen (D).

From AERO 2022 in Friedrichshafen (D): Daniele Maiolo.


AERO Friedrichshafen
AERO Friedrichshafen 2019
Pilot Frank



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