Eurasia Airshow 2018 – Trade

The First Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Turkey took place at Antalya airport, under the name Eurasia Airshow Turkey wanted to become a future world event among the various well-known trade fairs such as Paris and Dubai.
The search for the location for this first event is very accurate: Antalya, a region in the South of Turkey overlooking the center of the Mediterranean Sea, thus wanting to create a door to all the world companies in the space and aeronautics industry and to all possible future clients.
A choice guessed by the organization for the presence of foreign exhibitors and many countries interested in this new event.

Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Turkish Republic and the patronage of many ministries, with the prestigious sponsorship of Turkish Airlines and many other technical sponsors, the event took place from 25th to 29th April opening over 300,000 square meters.
During the weekend there was also a large Airshow that ranged from widebody aircraft to Turkish and foreign military vehicles, with at the end the display of the Turkish acrobatic team: Turkish Stars.
For the commercial part of Eurasia Airshow among more than 300 companies in the aviation sector, coming from more than 100 countries, there has been an intense crossover of contacts and business.

In the Exhibition, in addition to the aeronautical and aerospace market, representatives of the maritime and transport markets could be found. A fair presence also for Communications and Electronics, in particular for the aerospace and aeronautical, military and civil industries.
With a not very fast start, from Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th April Hakan Kurt (Chairman of Board at Medyacity) told the Turkish news agency “Anadolu”, that agreements were signed for about 10-12 billion dollars with the Russian industry that dominated these negotiations during the event. There were however many other important names in the world industry: Boeing, Dassault, Leonardo, Antonov, just to mention the most famous and those most committed to presenting their products. In particular Antonov and Leonardo who exploited the event to present their military transport aircraft to the Turkish armed forces: the AN-70, the AN-178 and Leonardo C27J Spartan.

In the next days we will also present the static part and the flying display of the Eurasia Airshow 2018, for the moment we leave you with the promise of Hakan Kurt that the second Eurasia Airshow will always take place in Antalya from 22nd to 26th April 2020 (and Best Shot Aircraft – “The Easy Way to Fly High” will surely be present).

From Antalya: Daniele Maiolo



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