Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II RNLAF

The Royal Netherlands Air Force make its promotional shooting through a valley in a “secret” location in USA in December 2017. Sure it’s a great start on the 5th generation aircraft for the RNLAF, they make a great promotion and show of their modernization of air force and make it in the best way…with a lot of photographers following them who can capture and enjoyng this “beast” of next level of military aviation. The RNLAF go in flights often with two F-35 Lightning II, in high speed at low level,and in high Performance maneuvers showing the best of their new toys signed by Lockheed Martin. Here the video from our friend who make it and shared it with us.For you here…enjoy it!!

F35 Lightning Strike Twice

Thanks ©Dafydd Phillips (more on his youtube account)

and ©Blueskycam-Elevated Imagery


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