Italian Air Force Eurofighter in Emmen (CH)

Two Eurofighter from the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana) visited the Emmen air base in Switzerland last weekend.

The aircraft were the 36-40 (matr .: M.M.7322) and the 36-55 (matr .: M.M.7352) of the 36th Stormo/XII Gruppo Caccia by Gioia del Colle (IT).

The Eurofighter (aeronautical nomenclature F-2000A) is a fourth generation fighter, the most advanced fighter aircraft ever developed in Europe, able to offer ample operational capabilities and unrivaled effectiveness in the field of Air Defense.

The EFA (European Fighter Aircraft) was born in the late 90’s from the collaboration between Leonardo, Airbus and BAE Systems for the development of a new multi-purpose aircraft for some European Air Forces. It is equipped with two EuroJet EJ200 turbo fan with afterburner that develop a 60kN (13.490 lb) Dry thrust and 90kN (20.000 lb) thrust with afterburner and push the aircraft to a maximum speed of mach 2.

The  service ceiling is over 19000 m, the ferry range of 3,600 km, and a combat radius  of over 1,350 km. They are armed with a 27mm Mauser BK27 gun and can load up to 6,500 kg of external loads (auxiliary tanks, radar-guided and infrared air-to-air missiles and more).

The F2000A are an integral part of the italian national alarm service, guaranteed by the Departments of the Italian Air Force, for the Air Defense 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, intervening in a few minutes in the event of a “scramble order”.

The Eurofighter 36-40 was decorated with the “Special Tail 352 ° Squadron” for the “Tiger Meet 2018”.

Both aircraft departed on 12 February 2019 around 11:30 from Emmen AFB to return to their home base in the South of Italy.

From Emmen AFB: Daniele Maiolo


Photos of the departure (12.02.2019):




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