AERO Friedrichshafen 2019 – “The Global Show for General Aviation”

The 27th International Trade Show for General Aviation – Aero Friedrichshafen, held from 10th to 13th April 2019, was full of novelty and exhibitors. In fact, this year there was a record number of exhibitors, around 757 companies from 40 different countries were present. This is to confirm the increasing interest on the part of general aviation manufacturers and consequently of suppliers of aeronautical material and services in this important aeronautical exhibition, more and more “The Global Show for General Aviation”.

There have been important World and European presentations that have occupied the more than 600 journalists who took part in the event.

In Europe to mention the Honda that presented its new HondaJet Elite with an advanced aerodynamics, a new cabin with more comfort and an avionics based on the Garmin® G3000. Blackwing Sweden presented its new ultralight aircraft BLACKWING BW635RG with new technical solutions and new avionics.

In the World, Daher-Socata has brought its new latest model of the TBM family, the TBM940. Also with avionics based on Garmin® G3000, a new interior and more powerful engine. The ΦNIX Consortium instead presented the ELECTRIC airplane NIX by Pure Flight solution, with a new wing design. Many other innovations: from electric flight to flight safety solutions, from instrumentation to new engines and even to new ultralight aircraft, among all this important to mention AIR Avionics, AutoFlightX GmbH, Concorde Battery Corporation, E-Meca, JETCOPTER and and SBM Development GmbH with its new RT 216 Turbine Helicopter.

Cirrus Aircraft exhibited its new special model Cirrus SR22T “Arrivée” at the AERO 2019, its French name serves to highlight that with Cirrus you always “reach the destination”.

This year too, the electric flight has had an important space during the exhibition, many of the stands and companies present, such as Siemens AG eAircraft with its electric motors. Many other aircraft (prototypes and non-prototypes) are the masters of the various stands, demonstrating the growing interest of the industry in this new sector. To accompany this technology many companies of composite materials: SGL Technologies GmbH, Compositex srl, Diatex and the A.C.I. Corse present to highlight the possibility of providing lightness and resistance to electric aircraft as it is already happening with current engines.

The more than 32100 visitors this year (one thousand more than 2018) were able to admire among the best products for general aviation. All the general aviation sectors were present and many major industry of general aviation no longer lack this exposure for years. Tecnam, Vulcanair, Pilatus, Diamond Aircraft, Piper Aircraft, Blackshape S.p.A., Magnus Aircraft and CSA Czech Sport Aircraft a.s., but also Boeing, Ruag Schweiz AG, Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp., Hartzell Engine Technology, wanted to continue their presence at the AERO and surely they will be more and more present in the future.

From 4th to 6th July 2019 there will also be the Aero South Africa, which was presented as one of the most important general aviation events in Africa and which will present the industrial products of the sector in that continent.

Best Shot Aircraft has not missed this important event either this year and will certainly be present from 1 to 4 April 2020 for the 28th edition of the AERO Friedrichshafen. Surely we will see more news and presentations which, like this year, have given us many emotions and satisfactions. General aviation has entered a new era and is increasingly following the technology of commercial aviation if not ahead. See you at the AERO 2020.

From Friedrichshafen (Germany): Daniele Maiolo

Below are some photos of the Aero Friedrichshafen 2019 (many more photos are available to interested buyers):


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